Middle School - Sample Class Outline

Breathing exercise - 1 student picks a breathing card and teaches that breath to the class

Practice 4-6 Sun Salutations - each student gets a chance to lead one

Learn dancing warrior sequence & teach to a partner

Inversions play - get a chance to go upside and see things from a new perspective!  Shoulderstand and Handstand at the wall will be introduced. Headstand will be added for returning students.

Ball roll discussion - class sits in a circle and rolls the ball to each other to share what things were stressful for them this week.  Then roll the ball to each other to brainstorm ways to use mindfulness, breathing, and relaxation practices we've learned in class to help in those stressful situations

Silent meditation - 2-5 minutes guided meditation

Final Relaxation - 5 minutes guided visualization/relaxation exercise, and lavender aromatherapy.

Closing - sit quietly and notice how you feel at the end of yoga class, take 5 deep breaths, chant OM 3 times, turn to classmates and wish them "Namaste"


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