How to Do the Yoga Macarena

For those who are not already familiar, The Macarena is a popular song and dance from the 1990s. It’s popularity has continued for the past few decades, and remains a wedding and bar/bat mitzvah staple, ensuring that many elementary school-age children know the dance moves. For those who don’t already know how to do it, you can watch a how-to video at the bottom of this post.

Since kids love to do the Macarena, a fun way to adapt it for yoga class is to do the “Yoga Macarena!” Simply turn on the song, and for each chorus, call out a different yoga pose to hold while doing the Macarena arm movements. In Yoga Macarena, we don’t jump/turn to a different side, we just stay facing the same way because holding a pose while performing the arm movements is hard enough!

Here are some poses you can hold while doing the Macarena:



Eagle Legs



Warrior 1

Warrior 2




Peacock (seated wide-legged forward fold)

low lunge

high lunge


Seated Twist


Are there other yoga poses you like to do with the Macarena? Comment below!

Don’t know how to do the Macarena? Check out this YouTube video:

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