Bubbles + Yoga = Endless Fun

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It’s no secret that children of all ages love bubbles. They’re fun to look at, fun to blow, and make any activity infinitely more enjoyable. As a kids yoga instructor, I use bubbles in many of my yoga classes. For the youngest age groups (0-3) bubbles are a staple of almost every class. For the older kids (Pre-K and Elementary) bubbles are a fun treat to spice up a yoga sequence or game. Below are a few ways to incorporate bubbles in a yoga class or when practicing yoga at home with your child.

Babies - if you are teaching a baby & me yoga class, bring out the bubbles during savasana so the babies have something visually entertaining to watch while parents/caregivers can close their eyes and relax. You can also sing a calming song while blowing bubbles. Listen below for one of my favorites:

Toddlers/Pre-K - Before relaxation time, have children lie down as you blow bubbles over them - looking at the bubbles helps them focus and relax.

Preschool/Pre-K- pick a yoga pose, for example, tree pose. Have them hold the pose while you blow bubbles to them; after a few rounds, call out a new pose.

Pre-K and Up - Get child-friendly bubble containers and have the children each take turns blowing bubbles to practice deep breathing

Elementary - play “bubble pose freeze tag” by having each child “freeze” in a pose. When a bubble lands on them, they can unfreeze and pick a new pose. They are then frozen again in the new pose until another bubble lands on them

Wishing you many of hours filled with yoga, bubbles, giggles & fun!

~ Andrea

Andrea Creel, MSW, LMSW, E-RYT 200, YACEP

Andrea is the founder of Shining Kids Yoga, which began as an after-school program at her son's elementary school in 2014. She has been teaching yoga to all ages since 2005.  Andrea completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training & prenatal yoga training at Tranquil Space Yoga in Washington, D.C. In addition, she received specialized training in children’s yoga from the Radiant Child Yoga program, training in postnatal yoga from Baby OM,  and training in therapeutic yoga from  The Samarya Center.

Andrea is also a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) through the State of Maryland, having received her MSW degree from University of Maryland, Baltimore.

She has taught yoga for children at yoga studios throughout the DC area, including Tranquil Space, Budding Yogis, Rock Creek Yoga and Warrior One Yoga. She also teaches classes for adults at Yoga Bliss Studios and is part of the teacher training faculty at Extend Yoga.

When not teaching or practicing yoga, Andrea enjoys playing board games with her son, Quinn, singing karaoke, and trying out new vegetarian recipes!

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